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Link building Netherlands (freelance)

Link marketing in the Netherlands is a bit different from other countries (especially English speaking countries). Some say it’s far more easy (and we agree!) but still it’s a matter of having the right connections. And let’s be honest: when outreaching locally and in your own language to website owners and directory administrators, success rate is much higher than if you would enter a country and not speaking the native language (and thus outreach gets more efficient).

Some of the problems you might experience when trying to build or acquire link in the Netherlands

(or at least we did when we tried so in other countries than Holland…)

  • Because of English response rate will drop dramatically (communicating in native language always gets better response)
  • You will be overcharged because market prices are unknown to you
  • It’s hard to determine quality because of other standards (sometimes lower standards to say the least)
  • Outreach can be very time consuming (like always), but many websites are owned by the same owners (and we already know them)

The link building offer

Type of links and prices

There are different types of links available which we can assist you with.
  1. Directories. Directories are still passing small amounts of link value in the Netherlands and can quickly add up for getting more referring domains and getting targeted anchor texts. Placements can often either be purchased or “traded” with the owner of the directory for a placement on one of our own directories that we maintain. We usually only work with directories specific to the clients niche and with at least 10 referring domains itself and a Majestic Trustflow of at least 10.
    Price: If you purchase the placements its usually between 3 and 50 euro’s a year for a placement, depending on the quality. When the placements are “traded” they are usually permanent and you only pay per hour for us
  2. Blogs/articles on websites with little to no traffic. These article placements are often on blogs with little or no visibility/organic traffic, but they do carry link value. This is often a cheaper option since we own websites ourselves that we can use for our placements or can trade with others for placements on relevant blogs. Usually we want at least 20 referring domains and 10 TF from these websites.
    Price: You often only pay per hour for us with no placement costs
  3. Higher quality blogs. These websites usually have some visibility and a lot of link value. You can expect between 60 and 200 referring domains to the website and a trustflow of at least 15.
    Price: You often pay between 150 and 400 euro’s for each article, with maximum 2 links in the article.
  4. Website sponsor opportunities. Many websites with a lot of link value offer the option to sponsor them in trade for a text link/banner on the website. These are websites with often more visibility and organic visitors.
    Price: You can expect to pay between 150-500 euro’s a year for a link
  5. Highest quality articles (and sometimes separate links) from newspapers or magazines. These articles are often in more of an “advertorial” form. These websites often have many hundreds if not thousands of referring domains and have a lot of visibility and organic visits.
    Price: You can expect to pay 500-2000 euros for an article.

Other possibilities include:

  • Local Citations / local link building
  • Homepage links
  • In content links

Profit from our network! Having been active in SEO and link building for nearly 10 years, we have a huge network of Dutch webmasters and link builders who we can rely on for link building.

Whitelabel link building

Are you a non Dutch agency looking for links for Dutch domains? We can help you with that with our white label linkbuilding options. Contact us for more information about outsourcing your link building in the Netherlands!

Monthly link building progress reports

We will supply you with a monthly list of link building results, including the authority of the domains we managed to get links from.

Quality, permanent links from relevant domains

Our links are usually permanent placements (with some exceptions like homepage links), so you don’t have to worry about monthly recurring fees for links. We only aim at acquiring relevant links from quality domains in the same industry which will help you rank for your competitive keywords.

Want to start? This is how it works

  1. We create a list of websites which are open to placements, taking into account the statistics you have provided
  2. You select the links you want to be requested, or you leave that to us based on our experience
  3. We request the links for you, invoice goes directly to you if possible
The first step costs €200,-. We want to be open and transparant about the links so we provide you the list of links. This is because we have to put time in the list and it sometimes happens the customer takes it over from there (which is perfectly fine).
The next steps are based on a hourly rate. We ask no commission on the links. The costs are the total of the costs of the placement + hourly rate + article writing (if applicable). We believe this is the most transparant way of link marketing.
Want these Dutch links?